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Model Contract Document for Sewer Condition Inspection 2nd Edition

Model Contract Document for Sewer Condition Inspection 2nd Edition

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Please note: this publication has been superseded and should only be used as a reference document.

ISBN:               978-1898920-56-4
Publish Date:  April 2005
No. of pages:  111
Publisher:        WRc

This document is the latest edition of the highly successful water industry standard. It replaces the first edition published in 1994 which itself replaced the earlier documents for sewer condition inspection by CCTV and man entry inspection, both published in 1987. The new edition has been necessary to enable compatibility with the fourth edition of the sister document.

The Manual of Sewer Condition Classification (MSCC4), which was published in early 2004. A new version of MSCC4 was required to enable a range of additional codes to be established. These had become necessary both through industry demand and to enable compatibility with new international standards. The UK water industry has agreed to adopt the new codes in MSCC4 and all new contracts commencing after the 1st April 2005 should take these new codes on board.

The Second Edition of the Model Contract Document for Sewer Condition Inspection takes these changes into account. The opportunity has also been taken to update references made in the earlier edition of the Model Contract Document, in particular:

  • Regulations and Acts that have come into force since 1994, for example the New Roads and Streetworks Act.
  • Changes in technology, for example the recording and storage of information.

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