Introduction to Water Quality Modelling Software

Introduction to Water Quality Modelling Software

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Course details

This course provides an introduction to water quality modelling, focusing on Monte Carlo simulation as well as use of the Environment Agency’s software River Quality Planning Tool and MPER (metals bioavailability) Tool, for water industry professionals and those involved in discharge permitting and compliance.

Duration: 0.5 day

Delivery: Online (self-paced)

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Course overview

This course provides delegates with an introduction to water quality modelling (focusing on Monte Carlo simulation, permitting and simplified modelling) supporting those using the River Quality Planning System (Environment Agency software).

Leaners can expect to gain an increased understanding of the need for modelling, background to the modelling framework, the influence of data frequency and sampling error; and the uses and benefits of water quality models, as well as some of their limitations.

Who can benefit?

Participants may be drawn from any area of business or service where the statistical analysis of water quality affects their decision making. For example, water industry and water regulators, agricultural and manufacturing industries (especially those with permitted discharge into rivers), environmental consultants and those completing water impact assessments.

Examples of roles which this course relates to can include water quality planners and modellers, catchment managers, water quality scientists, data analysts, regulatory compliance managers, and permitting officers.

Training outline

Our flexible delivery option via our online learning platform allows participants to complete modules at their own pace. Content includes:

  • An overview of water quality modelling;
  • Statistical theory of Monte Carlo simulation;
  • Model limitations, the importance of good data and the process of calibration;
  • Examples of model applications;
  • Hands on use of the Environment Agency’s software River Quality Planning Tool and MPER (metals bioavailability) Tool.

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