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Civil Engineering Specification for the Water Industry 7th Edition

Civil Engineering Specification for the Water Industry 7th Edition

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ISBN Number: 9781898920687
Publisher: WRc
No. of Pages: 160
Date of Publication: March 2011

This is the Specification for use in all civil engineering contracts let by Water Undertakers in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. It supersedes the Sixth Edition (2004) and reflects the water industry's requirement for comprehensive, universal and relevant specifications for civil engineering contracts.

The Specification is based on performance requirements allowing the Contractor to decide upon his method of working. This 7th edition has been rewritten to reflect the experience of the UK Water Industry and the contractors since the last edition was published, and includes new standards and working practices, together with new technologies and more sustainable options.

The eleven sections of the documents are the same, any additions or changes have been incorporated into these sections.


  • General
  • Materials
  • Excavation, backfilling and restoration
  • Concreting and formwork
  • Construction of pipelines and ancillary works
  • Building works
  • Testing and disinfection
  • Roadworks
  • Sewer renovation
  • Water mains rehabilitation
  • Tunnelling and shaft sinking works

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