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Civil Engineering Specification for the Water Industry 8th Edition - Hardcopy

Civil Engineering Specification for the Water Industry 8th Edition - Hardcopy

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Please note you are purchasing a hardcopy of this publication.

ISBN Number: 9781898920762
Publisher: WRc
No. of Pages: 180
Date of Publication: 14 November 2023

This is the Specification for use in all civil engineering contracts let by Water Undertakers in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. It supersedes the Seventh Edition (2011). It prepares the civil engineering industry for the anticipated record-breaking investment and advancement in the water industry over Asset Management Period #8 (AMP8).

This 8th edition reflects the experience of the UK water industry and the contractors since the last edition was published in 2011, and includes new standards and working practices, together with new technologies and more sustainable options.

Going forward, updates to CESWI will be issued annually, keeping the information topical and relevant from year to year and ensuring that the Specification remains current throughout its life.

The eleven main sections of the documents are the same as the previous edition, any updates or additions have been incorporated into these sections.

Introductory Notes
Product specifications and levels of attestation
Section 1 – General
Section 2 – Materials
Section 3 – Excavation, Backfilling and Restoration
Section 4 – Concreting and Formwork
Section 5 – Construction of Pipelines and Ancillary Works
Section 6 – Building Works
Section 7 – Testing and Disinfection
Section 8 – Roadworks
Section 9 – Sewer Renovation
Section 10 – Water Mains Renovation
Section 11 – Tunnelling and Shaft Sinking Works
Appendix List

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