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CCTV Sewer Inspection Awareness Training Day

CCTV Sewer Inspection Awareness Training Day

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Delivered by leading wastewater specialist and experienced trainer, Peter Henley, this course develops learners' knowledge of sewer deterioration and use of CCTV condition surveys in sewer rehabilitation planning, and the correct use of the MSCC5 sewer classification codes when identifying defects in drains and sewers. 

Date: Tuesday 8th October 2024*

Location: WRc Office, Swindon

Duration: 1-day (Sandwich lunch included)

Places are strictly limited to 20 seats, on a first come, first served basis.

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Course overview

This programme is designed to provide staff with an awareness of the need for sewer CCTV inspection and drain repairs to improve their knowledge of wastewater network maintenance. Upon completion, delegates will be able to understand:

  • Best practices for drain and sewer design and construction;
  • How sewers fail, and the typical observed defects associated with these failures;
  • How the sewer condition classification coding structure is applied and condition grades are calculated;
  • Different repair techniques and their specifications; and
  • How to check and monitor the quality of drain and sewer repair work.

Who can benefit?

Delegates may include those needing to develop their understanding of sewer deterioration and the use of CCTV condition surveys in sewer rehabilitation planning to support their current role or future career. For example, wastewater engineers; strategy managers, sewer rehabilitation managers, local Government officers and early-career sewer CCTV operators. 

Training outline

This training is based on the approach to drain repair laid out in the Drain Repair Book, published by WRc. It focuses on a range of core competencies necessary for a full understanding of drain repairs.

  • Module 1: Drainage Systems - Design and construction practices for drains and sewers covering the Design and Construction Guidance requirements including the testing tolerances.
  • Module 2: Introduction to CCTV inspection - How and why sewers fail and what defects are created and can be observed.
  • Module 3: Identifying the Need for Repair - Internal drain condition grading; drain condition assessment; maintaining the serviceability of drains and sewers with the use of the Manual of Sewer Condition Classification (MSCC) and the Sewerage Risk Management (SRM) scoring system to determine asset condition.
  • Module 4: Selection of Repair Techniques and Specification - Consideration of all available techniques; relative costs; appropriate selection of repair techniques and their specification for on-site repair work; specification for materials including cured-in-place resin systems.
  • Module 5: Quality Assurance - Checking and monitoring of drain and sewer repair work

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*Please note whilst WRc Academy endeavour to fulfil this offering, should a reason outside of our control, or the minimum number of delegates not be achieved, we reserve the right to refund and/or reschedule.