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Drain Repair Book 4th Edition

Drain Repair Book 4th Edition

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ISBN:               978-1898920-71-7
Publish Date:  April 2017
No. of pages:  158
Publisher:        WRc

The Drain Repair Book has become the definitive guide to the repair of private drainage systems since it was first published in 2003. It is widely used by both insurers and drain repairers. This 4th edition has been developed once again as the result of a collaborative approach from the key stakeholders to provide additional best practice guidance on sewage treatment systems. The Association of British Insurers represented by key members of the Property Claims Working Group and a group of drainage specialists have worked with WRc to update the Book to meet the needs of the industry.

New environmental legislation in the areas of the United Kingdom regarding private sewage treatment systems have highlighted the continuing need for a clear best practice guide when undertaking work on private sewage treatment systems to ensure work is undertaken to correct standard to comply with legislation and to prevent pollution of the environment. The Drain Repair Book is well tried and tested and this edition provides fine-tuning and clarification of the 'Best Practice' that is recognised as the way forward for improving and standardising work. It sets the standard against which organisations and individuals are measured and helps create a level playing field for the competitive drainage industry. Therefore, this document, which has been produced by WRc plc, is a highly-essential part of developing consistency and good, appropriate standards of repair work.

This Book is split into three sections;

  • How to assess responsibility of the drain or treatment system
  • Inspection and condition assessment of drains including a specification for drain repairs
  • Non-mains sewage treatment including septic tanks and small sewage treatment plants.


  • Provides you with best practice methods to help you 'get it right first time'
  • Guides surveyor and insurers to understand how to correctly investigate and repair damaged drains and off mains systems.

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