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Sewerage Risk Management (SRM) Website - Full Access: Sewer Management Planning, Sewer Renovation & Surface Water Management

Sewerage Risk Management (SRM) Website - Full Access: Sewer Management Planning, Sewer Renovation & Surface Water Management

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Publish Date: March 2014
Publisher:       WRc

For nearly 40 years, the Sewerage Rehabilitation Manual (SRM) has been a key document for planning upgrading work on sewer systems both in the UK and worldwide. It was extensively revised, updated, extended and developed into the Sewerage Risk Management website.

The SRM presents an iterative, comprehensive risk-based approach to the management of sewer system assets compatible with EN 752:2017 Drain and sewer systems outside buildings - Sewer system management and EN 13508 Investigation and assessment of drain and sewer systems outside buildings. It also aligned with UK regulatory approaches including the UKWIR Common Framework, and able to take account of strategic drivers such as climate change adaptation and integrated urban drainage management.

The approach consists of a logical, 11 Step procedure to develop a Sewerage Management Plan (SMP) based on spatial units which can vary in size but still retaining the drainage area as an important fundamental unit for analysis and system management.

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The SRM website update includes:

  • A new look, feel and structure offering ease of use and better navigation
  • Updates reflecting new standards
  • Different access options to suit customer needs
  • New price structure

The content has been revised, updated, extended and set in a new context- that of an integrated, risk based approach with the costs of planned interventions to sewer systems underpinned by economic justification.


    The risk based approach considers the likelihood of service failure effects together with all the potential consequences in an economic framework (benefits and costs). Advice and methods are included to facilitate the assessment of the likelihood of asset failure leading to the service failure effects, and consequence models identified.


    Sewerage Management Planning:

    • Initialise the SMP;
    • Collate Information;
    • Risk Assessment;
    • Assessment Sufficient;
    • Information Priority List;
    • Information Gathering;
    • Risk Priority List;
    • Interventions Study;
    • Intervention Priority List;
    • Product and Update Plan;
    • Implementation.

    Sewer Renovation:

    • Introduction to Sewer Renovation;
    • Renovation Materials;
    • Renovation Techniques;
    • Repair Techniques;
    • Structural Design;
    • Specifications for Sewer Renovation;
    • Grouting;
    • Installation Issues;
    • Appendix A - Data Collection;
    • Appendix B - Design Examples.

    Surface Water Management:

    • Overview;
    • Preparation;
    • Risk Assessment;
    • Options;
    • Implement and Review.

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