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Metering Source to Tap

Metering Source to Tap

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If you are interested in this course or would like a course held at a venue of your choice, please contact us at academy@wrcgroup.com.

Duration: 1.5 days

To increase understanding of water meter technology and how to improve the collection of flow data from source to tap.

Content of the training module

General principles of flow and metering; different types of metering technology used in clean water metering, how they work, where different types of meters are used and why; what goes wrong; good practice for meter selection; good practice for meter installation; legislation and regulation; meter reading and AMR; meter testing and verification.

Depending on delivery location, we will use examples of real meters to demonstrate and explain working principles etc. Training module has been designed to be modular with 4 key sections:

  • General principles;
  • Source and strategic metering;
  • Network metering;
  • Revenue metering.

These can be delivered in different combinations (e.g. general principles and revenue metering for customer facing staff) or as a single integrated training module (typically over 1.5 days).

Outcomes of the training module

Understanding of the metering technologies used for clean water measurement throughout the network and how the selection and installation of meters can impact on flow data.

Target Audience: Anyone who uses meters or meter data and needs to understand metering technology, regulations, getting good flow data, what causes poor quality flow data and different flow applications in the clean water sector from source to tap.

All attendees will receive a WRc Academy certificate of completion.

Dates for individual attendees to be confirmed. If you wish to block book for 10 people or more please contact WRc Academy.

Please read our WRc Academy Training Modules Terms and Conditions.

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