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Consent setting using the EA’s River Quality Planning Modelling Tool - Online Training

Consent setting using the EA’s River Quality Planning Modelling Tool - Online Training

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Duration: 1 day

This course will provide staff with an introduction to water quality permitting and compliance assessment using Monte Carlo simulation modelling with the EA’s River Quality Planning (RQP) Tool. The objective is to understand the need for modelling, background to the modelling framework, the influence of data frequency and sampling error; and the uses, benefits and limitations of water quality modelling.

The course is delivered in an online environment, allowing students to follow the programme at their own pace and in their own time, with concepts taught in bite size tutorials and reinforced by interactive practical sessions using the RQP Tool. On completion of the course each delegate will have access to a one-to-one follow-up call with an expert trainer to address any questions arising from the course.

Content of the training course

  • Overview of water quality modelling for permitting and compliance assessment;
  • Statistical theory of Monte Carlo simulation;
  • The importance of good data and model limitations
  • Hands on use of the EA’s software River Quality Planning Tool including MPER (Metals permitting)

Outcomes of the training course

This training course is designed to give delegates a practical understanding of the theoretical basis behind Monte Carlo simulation modelling and the use of the RQP tool to set consents for single discharges in order to inform decision making.

Target Audience

Water quality planners and modellers, catchment managers, water quality scientists, data analysts, regulatory compliance managers, permitting officers.

You will be contacted within 72 hours of purchasing the course to arrange login details for the course and instructions for accessing the EA’s RQP software.

All attendees will receive a WRc Academy certificate of completion.

Dates for individual attendees to be confirmed. If you wish to block book for 10 people or more please contact WRc Academy.

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