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Design of Foul Sewers for Adoption by Water Companies

Design of Foul Sewers for Adoption by Water Companies

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Mandatory adoption in Wales and the new Adoption Codes in England give new challenges to foul drainage designers. Customer expectations have changed massively in the last generation and this needs to be reflected not only in the design of housing, but also in the design of the drainage. The design of foul sewer networks in new developments is must meet the needs of the developer, the adopting authority and the future residents.

Content of the training module

The needs of water companies, developers and future residents

  • Optimising drainage layouts;
  • Trees and sewers - interaction with landscape design;
  • Design of access chambers;
  • Hydraulic design of gravity sewers;
  • To pump or not to pump;
  • Submission requirements;
  • Off-site sewers;
  • Specifying pumping stations;
  • Overview of pumping station design;
  • Overview of rising mains design.

Outcomes of the training module

Understand the needs of the different stakeholders
  • Understanding at what stage to consult the water company;
  • Design foul drainage to water company requirements;
  • How to design foul drainage to meet the needs of stakeholders;
  • Pumping stations - balancing construction and operational costs;
  • Ability to commission a pumping station design;
  • Making an S 104 application.

Target Audience: Drainage designers, developer services staff at water companies.

All attendees will receive a WRc Academy certificate of completion.

Dates for individual attendees to be confirmed upon order. If you wish to block book for 10 people or more please contact WRc Academy.

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