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Sewerage Rehabilitation Manual - Sewer Renovation Design Guide

Sewerage Rehabilitation Manual - Sewer Renovation Design Guide

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For nearly 40 years, the Sewerage Rehabilitation Manual (SRM) has provided UK designers with guidance on the selection and design of sewer renovation systems. This guidance has been an integral part of a document that also deals with sewerage management planning.

This new and fully revised Sewer Renovation Design Guide remains part of the Sewer Rehabilitation Manual but is now available as a separate publication and is once again available in printed form. 

The new calculation method takes account of the extensive research on design of sewer lining systems carried out in recent years to update the method. 

Improvements include: 

  • Alignment with the principles of the Eurocode approach to design.
  • Reference to the latest product standards and guidance on the specification of manufacturer declared values for use in design.
  • Traffic loadings have been updated and are now compatible with the approach used in BS 9295:2020.
  • A revised Type I design method incorporating a new method of calculating the bending moments, a more detailed consideration of composite structure and a new limit state on cracking of the grout under strain.
  • An entirely new Type II design method using the modified Glock method for buckling resistance of liners developed at Bradford University by Dr J C Boot and his collaborators.
  • A new approach to the quality control of installed liners taking account of the normal variation in the materials.

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